Tomato Seeds


Annual type plant, Semi Indeterminate, 3 to 3.5 ft. Height, Fruit Color uniform Green to Red, Round in Shape, 5 to 6 Fruit in the cluster, fruit cracking absent, fruit weight 110 to 130gm, day of the first harvest 75 days after transplanting, crop duration 140 days, tolerance to ToCLV, ToMV, Bacterial spot, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt.


Tall determinate plants are vigorous with good foliage cover, and capable of extraordinary yields. The top-quality uniform fruits are square-round, 110-120 gm, very firm, and attractive glossy red having strong consumer preference. It performs well round the year. This is an ideal hybrid suitable for the tropics with tolerance to bacterial wilt and TLCV.


Indeterminate with vigorous plant habit Round Firm fruits for long transportability, Size 80-110 gm with round Shape, high Yielding, very firm fruits with good keeping quality.


Determinate with vigorous plant with dark green Foliage, Heat Resistance, High Yield with good firm fruit. 90-100 gm of fruit weight, flat round in shape, good for long transportation.


For autumn, open field planting. Very vigorous plant supports good fruit covering.

Very high yield. Shiny red fruits weights 120-140 Gram. Very uniform in weight & shape with good shelf life. Tolerance to Fusarium, Verticillium, TYLCV & PM.


Indeterminate tall vigorous plants habit, Green House type variety, Medium Foliage cover with profuse branching, mature 65-70 days after Planting, fruit weight is uniform 95-115 gm, red and glossy in color, long duration with high yielding crop, good for long distance transportation, Firm and uniform fruit size with excellent shelf life.


Semi-determinate high plant vigor, Dark Green Foliage cover, Square shape, fruit weight is uniform 100-120 gm, red color and glossy, First Harvest 60-65 Days after

translating, long duration with high yielding crop, good for long distance transportation, Firm and uniform fruit size with excellent shelf life. Round the year Growing Variety, Tomato Leaf Curl Virus (TLCV) and BW


Semi Determinate, Very Dark Foliage, Ripe fruits are attractive deep red & glossy, Cluster Bearing, Re-flowering capability, Suitable in Heat and cold Climate, square fruit shape,

90 to 110 gram fruit weight, very high production, 60-65 days maturity after transplanting, Tolerance to TY LCV, Suitable for long distance transportation.


Cherry Tomato for Green House, Used for Individual Picking, firm cherry fruits, Round cherry shape with 16-18 gm fruit weight. Bright red color with high lycopene gene, after maturity become very sweet taste, VFFN Tm TY resistance variety.


Cherry Tomato for Green House, Beautiful small plum tomato, Early, very firm, taste in sweet. High yields of uniform plum shape, Mini Plum shape with 22-28 gm fruit weight. Start harvest early because Early maturity, VFFN Tm TY Disease resistance variety.