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What is JALSORB®?

JALSORB® is a biodegradable super-absorbent and has been proven of helping agriculture, agro- forestry and forestry for many years. It absorbs up to 300 times its weight water and slowly releases that water in the root zone for demand by plants. JALSORB® also absorbs water-soluble nutrients and fertilizers, preventing their percolation into the water table. JALSORB® significantly reduces watering cycles to conserve water for growers. It is effectively applied to prevent plant loss Caused by water stress and drought in the soil where the water holding capacity is low or non-existent. It even works in the sand! JALSORB® is able to hydrate And re hydrate many times over its lifetime, providing on- going benefit to the plants

Advantages of JALSORB® in Agriculture

Increases the Water Holding Capacity of soil for several years. Irrigation frequency may be reduced by 50%.
Limits losses of water and nutrient due to leaching.
Reduces evaporation from the soil.
Improves the physical properties of compact soils through good aeration.
Enhances plant growth. Water and nutrient are continuously available in the root zone for optimal absorption by plants.
Protects the environment against drought and groundwater pollution.
Additional JALSORB® are environment-friendly and are sensitive to the aerobic and anaerobic processes of microbiological degradation in soils so as to naturally degrade in CO2, H2O and nitrogen compounds.

Water Conservation

Fertilizer Conservation

Loose Soil

Promote Growth

High Environmental

JALSORB® for Agriculture


JALSORB® is extensively used in agriculture for improving the mechanization of farming and growing crops, like is used in such agricultural applications as soil conditioners, planting and transplanting gels, seed coatings for controlled germination, as well JALSORB® can benefit plants in the various stages of development like germination, growth, evapotranspiration, flowering, and fruit formation

JALSORB® forms a consistent cyclic process of absorption and release of water that can provide optimum moisture for quick germination and seedling maturation. Reduces nursery establishment period as well increases the age of plants and it reduces seedling mortality by several folds in nurseries. Apply 2 gm. mix of JALSORB in nursery bed uniformly for every sq. Meter. It should be placed at a depth of 2 inches of the nursery bed from the top



JALSORB® is helpful to the growth of lawn and grass, especially in their germination, fast root development, and regular cycle growth. The stored water from raining or irrigation can be easily released for plants, thereby as a function of the absorption-release cycle. They are widely used in grass for parks and gardens and in lawn for golf landscaping.

JALSORB® can be effectively applied in arboriculture, such as plants, bushes and trees. They helpfully reduce the mortality rate due to transplanting shock and enhance root development and therefore bring more rapid growth and production. The dosage varies from 1 to 3 kg/m3 according to the sand content in the soil.



With a capacity of water absorption & retention, JALSORB® functions as a substrate for a temporary or durable installation of a vegetable coat intended to mask or cover the roof or any surface by creating a true Vertical Garden. Mixed with the substrate (3%o 5%o weight content), JALSORB® is able to slowly release water for plants growing. Furthermore, JALSORB ® helps to create a better soil environment by allowing oxygen to occupy the void space.

Biodegradable & Environmentally Friendly


The polymer is sensitive to the action of ultraviolet rays that, by breaking bonds, degrade the polymer into oligomers {Molecules of much smaller size). It thus becomes much more sensitive to the aerobic and anaerobic processes of microbiological degradation.

JALSORB® therefore, degrades naturally in soils {up to 10% - 15% per year) in C02, H20 and nitrogen compounds


The polymer is much too voluminous to be absorbed into the tissues and cells of plants. Its potential to bio accumulate is therefore nil. {SCPA study no 97-78). The period of effectiveness of JALSORB in the field ranges from one to five years depending on particle size and agro-climatic conditions.

Worldwide research has shown little or no consistent adverse effect on soil microbial populations.