Onion Seeds


• Strong and Excellent plant development in rainy season sowing variety

• Bright red globe and uniform shape and size with average weight 100-120 GM.

• 100-110 maturity days after transplanting

• Tolerance to bolting good storability


• Kharif to late kharif variety

• Oval to round shape dark red color bulb

• High yielding variety and bulb weight 80-100 Gm with diameter 5.5 to 6.5 Cm.

• Maturity 80-90 days after transplanting

• Tolerant To Pest & Disease and good storage capacity


• Round in shape Bulbs are attractive white in colour

• Fruit weight 100-120 gm with diameter 6-7 cm

• Maturity 100-105 days after Transplant

• Suitable for long storage and disease resistance