Okra Seeds


Height of this plant is Dwarf to medium and the plants have 3-5 branches. Fruit is dark in color and very closely placed, and soft five-striped. The first harvesting of fruits is done within 45-50 days, and there is enhanced production. Medium tolerance to YVMV and ELCV.

FB – SAKET (3235)

Plant height is medium tall, vigorous, first harvest 35-45 days after showing, 10-12 cm long, Green color, smooth and uniform fruit, tolerant from YVMV, high yielding variety. July –October, February-June variety.

FB – VEDA (3388) Research Okra

Medium tall with good Vigor with good re-flushing, Dark Green color, Smooth Surface, uniform tender pods, July –October, October-March Growing as Indian temperature, tolerant from YVMV, high yielding variety.

FB – SATVA F1 (3131)

Dwarf to Medium tall with 2 to 3 Branch, Dark Green lustrous fruit, Shiny Surface, 45-48 days first picking, uniform tender pods, October-March, March-June Growing as Indian temperature, Moderate field tolerance to virus, high yielding variety.

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