Drum Sticks Seeds

FB-ODC 3 HYBRID Drum Stick (Moringa) SEEDS

• The plants grow to a height of 8 10 feet in a year and produce 6-10 primary branches.

• Drumstick pods look evenly fleshy with more girth ,taste , flavour and aroma

• Pods have more self-life and keeping quality without losing its freshness and taste.

• The pods are 2 to 2.5 feet long with a girth of 2 to 2.5 inch and weigh 70 to 90 grams with 80 % flesh.

• Average number of fruits reaching over 500-800 per tree

• The estimated yield is around 25 -30 tons per acre per year.

FB-PKM 2 F1 HYBRID Drum Stick (Moringa) SEEDS

• superior variety from pure line breeding program ensure high productivity plants.

• The pods are fleshy with good cooking quality

• the flesh turns soft and delicious with less fibre

• The pods are less seeded and delicious.

• The pods are 126 cm long, with a girth of 8.3 cm and individual fruit weight of 280 g with 70% flesh.

• It is adapted to most soil types varying from sandy loam to clay loam with good drainage.

• It yields 98 tonnes/ha. Ratoon crop can also be taken up for three years.