Drum Sticks Seeds


Moringa oleifera seeds grows into robust and softwood plants, fruits length is 65-78cms. Pods are green, fleshy and non-bitter. Fruits are equal in length and rubbery in texture. Flowering starts within 90-100 days, Pods are non-fibrous and soft even in late harvest. This gives the largest yields at the shortest period, better taste than other hybrid varieties, Luxuriant fruit-bearing and cluster-bearing, Each plant yields 300-400 sticks, Ensures high fruit and oil yielding plants, Ensures long shelf life of fruits. Free from the menace of hairy caterpillars and gumming, High immunity against diseases and pests.


Flowering start 110-115 days after showing, first harvest start after 170-180 days, More Lateral branching (desirable for more leaf producing within hands reach) and a seed pod with more flesh than seeds. Average production of 98 tons per hectare, It produces long pods of about 125-130 cm with a girth of 8.40 cm about 280gm pod weight. The pods are fleshy with good cooking quality. On cooking, the flesh turns soft and delicious with less fiber, according to the scientists, who developed this variety.