Cauliflower Seeds


Creamish white curd Weight is 1 – 1.25 kg, Ready for harvest in 50-55 days after transplanting, Erect plant with vigorous growth, Green and broad leaves, Suitable for Tropical climatic zones. Moderate heat tolerance.


Curd Compact dome shape, excellent white curd. Weight is 1.5 – 2.5 kg, Plant Vigorous plant with dark blue green foliage. Curd is well protected by leaves. Ready for harvest in 70-75 days after transplanting. Sub-tropical type with good adaptability. Good for long distance transportation.


Curd Dome shape Attractive white and compact Average curd weight is 1 – 1.25 Kg, Plant Vigorous plant with dark green semi erect leaves. Good self-blanch, Tropical hybrid with good curd quality. Ready for harvest in 50 – 55 days after transplanting. Moderate heat tolerance.


Curd Compact dome shape white curd Weight is 1-1.25 Kg, Plant Vigorous plant with dark blue green leaves. Late tropical hybrid with good curd quality, It has moderate degree of heat tolerance. Ready for harvest in 55-60 days after transplanting.