Carrot Seeds


Vigorous early bearing in plant growth with Cylindrical shape, 15-20 Cm fruit length with 150-170 Gm Fruit weight, Small core with Deep Orange color, Days of maturity is 90-100 Days, Best grow Temperature is 20 to 30˚C, very high yielding having soft edible core, it gives long carrot with vigorous upright growing leaves, having good taste, prolific yield and excellent shelf life.


Erect and semi spreading in Growth habit, Asiatic type, Long fruit shape with 22-27 Cm fruit length, Small and self -color core with Red fruit color , Keeping quality is very good, 85-90 Days of maturity, Best growing Temperature is 20 to 30˚C, early and high yield, vigorous plant habit uniform straight cylindrical roots with mild sweet taste, dark red color roots with red core.

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