Bitter Gourd Seeds

FB-YAMUNA (6550) F1 HY.

• Strong sturdy vigorous vines with dense plant habit hybrid

• White color Spindle shaped fruit have moderately thick spines

• Fruit length 20-22 cm and girth 8-10 cm with weight 160-180 Gm

• Prolific bearing with high yield. High tolerance to disease


• Medium early maturity hybris

• Thick and strong spines medium green fruit segment

• Fruit length 18-20cm with girth 15-16Cm

• High yielding variety fruit weight 110-120 Gm

FB-JAMUNA (6525) F1 HY.

• Vigorous vines growth hybrid

• Short white color High bearing habit and uniform fruit size

• Cylindrical shape 8-11 cm length fruit weight 90-100gm

• Good shipping and keeping quality and High tolerance to disease

FB‐VAMAN (6365) F1 HY.

• Early mature Strong plant vigor gynoecious type hybrid

• Fruit length 6-8 cm and girth 8-9cm with weight 35-55 GM

• Dark green color fruit first picking start after 50-55 days

• High yield Prolific bearing with excellent fruit quality