Watermelon Seeds


Vigorous plant growth with Oblong shape, Deep green with bold green stripes in color, 10 to 14 Kg fruit weight with Red flesh color, Sugar content is >12%,Maturity 70-80 days After showing, 21 to 34 ˚C is best growing Temperature, strong resistance to wilt and anthracnose, high yield variety and good for long transportation, tolerant to repeated planting, uniform ripening and hard skin, good for growing in open field.

FB‐SHYAMAL F1 (5005)

Medium maturity, Round In shape, fruit weight 6-7 Kg, Dark Greenish Black in color

fruit color- dark greenish black skin, round the year season variety, 80 to 85 days after growing maturity, >12% TTS, excellent for long transportation.

FB‐RASH11 F1 (5151)

ICE BOX TYPE of hybrid, Oval shape with Dark red skin color, 4-7 Kg Fruit weight with red and juicy flesh color and good texture, 13% sugar content, First Harvest 60-65 Days, highly tolerant to bud necrosis and fusarium wilt diseases, early hybrid and good for long transportation, uniform ripening and hard skin.

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