Super Napier Grass Seeds


Super NAPIER GRASS is a high yielding fodder crop with good palatability, Highly Nutritious especially when young, dark green leaves and less than 1 meter tall, 75 to 80 days after planting the seeds, Super NAPIER GRASS can be grown along with fodder trees along field boundaries or along contour lines or terrace risers to help control erosion. It can be intercropped with crops such as legumes and fodder trees, or as a pure stand, Super NAPIER GRASS is an improved fodder grass that produces a lot of high-protein forage.

This grass is called as “King of Napier Grass. The milk society can save lot of money due to this. Easy to Grow - It can grow on variety of soils, Best Multi Cut Grass and can be feed for all type of cattle like Goat, Cow, Sheep, Rabbit etc., Grass can Harvest up to 8 times a Year depending on Land and Grow very High Height of 7 to 8 feet, Farmers reported that this Grass will yield very good crop even in low fertile and less water lands. 400-450 Tons/Ha. It can be cultivated throughout the year under irrigated conditions, The quality is good with high calcium, magnesium and phosphorus and very low oxalate content.