Season and Field preparation


Sandy loam soils with high organic matter content are highly suited for radish cultivation. The highest yield can be obtained at a soil pH of 5.5 to 6.8. Roots of best size, flavour and texture are developed at about 15°C.

Season of sowing

June –July in hills and September in plains are best suied.

Seed rate

About 10 kg/ha seeds are required.

Preparation of field

The land should be prepared to fine tilth and levelled.


15 x 10 cm spacing is normally adopted.


Irrigation is done once in a week

Drip irrigation

Install the drip system with main and sub-main pipes and place the inline lateral tubes at an interval of 1.5. Place the dripper in lateral tubes at an interval of 60cm and 50cm spacing with 4LPH and 3.5 LPH capacities respectively. Form the raised beds at 120 cm width at an interval of 30cm and place the laterals at the centre of each bed.

Application of fertilizers

Apply FYM at 25 t/ha and 25 kg N, 100 kg P and 50 kg K/ha as basal dressing and 25 kg N/ha after 30 days


Fertigation requirement :50:100:50kg of NPK / ha. Apply once in three days

Spacing : 30x15x10 cm in paired row system. A total of 10 rows is accommodated in one bed.

After cultivation

Weeding and hoeing can be done as and when necessary. At the second weeding, thinning of densely sown plants should be done.