Ash Gourd

Season and Field preparation


A deep loamy soil with the pH range of 5 - 7.5 is suitable. A warm tropical climate is ideal for higher yield.


Planting is done during July and January.

Seed rate

2.5 kg of seeds required are required for a hectare.

Seed treatment

Soak the seeds in double the quantity of water for 30 minutes and incubate for 6 days. The seeds are treated with Trichoderma viride 4 g or Pseudomonas fluroscens 10 g or Carbendazim 2 g/kg of seeds before sowing.

Preparation of field

Plough the field 3 – 4 times. Dig pits of 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm at a spacing 2 x 1.5 m and form basins.


Five to six seeds are sown in each pit. After germination, the seedlings are thinned to two/ pit.


Irrigate the basin before dibbling the seeds and thereafter once in a week.

Application of fertilizers

Apply Azospirillum and Phosphobacteria @ 2 kg/ha and Pseudomonas @ 2.5 kg/ha along with FYM 50 kg and neem cake @ 100 kg before last ploughing. Apply 10 kg FYM and 100 g of 6:12:12 NPK mixture/pit as basal and 10 g N/ pit at 30 days after sowing.

After cultivation

Hoeing and weeding can be done as and when necessary. Spray Ethrel 250 ppm (2.5 ml/10 lit of water) four times at weekly intervals commencing from 15th day after sowing.

Quality seedling production:

Nursery raising

In hi-tech horticulture, use 12 days old healthy seedlings obtained from shade net houses for planting. Raise the seedlings in protrays having 98 cells. Use well decomposed cocopeat is used as medium. Sow one seed per cell. Water regularly twice a day. Transplant about 12 days old seedlings in the main field


Apply 60:30:30 kg of NPK/ha throughout the cropping period through split application. 75% of phosphorus, is applied through superphosphate as basal dose.

Fruit fly

Collect the affected fruits and destroy them.
The fly population is low in hot day conditions and it is peak in rainy season. Hence adjust the sowing time accordingly.
Expose the pupae by ploughing.
Neem oil @ 3.0 % as need based foliar spray.
Aphid: Spray Imidacloprid @ 0.5 ml/lit along with sufficient quantity of stickers like Teepol, triton X100, apsa etc., for better adhesion and coverage.