Peach borer

Symptoms of damage

Beetle feed on leaves

Young grubs bore into and feed inside bark and make irregular galleries

Gum globules appear at the points of entrance on bark


Collect and destroy the damaged shoots and branches

Swab trunk with carbaryl 50 WP at 0.2%

Spray malathion 0.1% .

Field release of some natural enemies like gray field antFormica aerata, chalcid wasps, Copidosoma (=Paralitomastix) varicornis and Hyperteles lividus,

Spray application of Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) products have been effective if applied when larvae are first noticed and before they tunnel into twigs, buds or fruit.

Spray application of following insecticides

Plum beetle

Symptoms of damage

Adult beetle feed on leaves and fruits

Identification of pest

Dark green beetle with yellowish brown elytra


Collect and destroy infested plant parts along with weevils and beetles

Spray carbaryl 50 WP 0.1% on foliage as soon as adults appear

San jose scale

Symptoms of damage

Infestation causes purple discolouration on fruits and make them unfit for marketing

Infestation of shoots results in loss of vigour and death of young trees or branches

Fruit with haloes will be culled because of its unsightly appearance.

Identification of pest

Female scale is yellowish orange, round, slightly convex and raised a little at the centre with a black pustule

Males are small and more linear shape

Purple discolouration - stems

Purple discolouration - stems

Purple discolouration - fruits


Select nursery stock free from scale infestation

Spray application of systemic insecticides like phosalone 0.05% and methyl demeton 0.025%

Field release of coccinellid predators like Chilocorus nigritus and parasitoid, Encarsia pernios