Symptoms of damage

Nymphs and adults congregate on leaves and suck the sap


Wilting of leaves

Stunted growth of the plant

It is vector of pine apple wilt disease

Identification of pest

Adult - White mealy bugs.

Mealy bug on fruits

Adult - mealy bug


Cultivate resistant varieties like Red Spanish and queen

Collect planting material from unaffected plantation

Remove basal brownish leaves of cured planting

Dip the basal portion of the planting material in malathion 0.2%

Spray dimethoate 2ml/lit or methyldemeton 1.5 ml/lit

Release coccinellid beetle, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri @ 10 / tree

Rhinoceros beetle

Symptoms of damage

Wilting of the plant due to adult boring at the base of the stem.

Identification of pest

Grub - Sluggish, white, ‘C’ shaped.

Adult - Stout brownish black with a horn projecting from the head.




Remove and burn all dead pine apple trees

Collect and destroy the various biostages in the manure pits

Iron hooking – kill adults from base of the stem

Set up light trap 1/ha

Soak castor cake 1 kg in 5 lit of water in small mud pots keep them in pine apple garden

Incorporate Metarhizium anisopillae, Baculovirus of oryctes was controlled the beetle

Use Rhinolure vane trap for attract adults

Conserve predators like reduviid bug Platymeris laevicollis

Spray carbaryl @ 0.1% at once in three months

Spray malathion @ 5%