Custard Apple

Fruit borer

Symptoms of damage

Caterpillar bore into the fruits making tunnels and feed on the internal content of the fruits

Affected fruits fall to ground

Identification of pest

Larva: Black coloured caterpillar


Collect and destroy the damaged fruits

Spray malathion 0.1% two times once at flower formation and second at fruit set

Fruit fly

Symptoms of damage

Maggot bore into the semi ripened fruits

Feed on the inside fruits

Affected fruits gets shriveled, malformed, rot and fall off

Identification of pest

Larva: Yellowish apodous maggots

Adult: Light brown with transparent wing




Collect fallen infested fruits and dispose them by dumping in a pit and covering with soil

Provide summer ploughing to expose the pupa

Immersion of fruits in hot water (45 to 47 °C) for 60 minutes to kill eggs and maggots

Monitor the activity of flies with methyl eugenol sex lure traps.

Use bait spray combing any one of the insecticides and molasses or jaggery 10 g/l,

Fenthion 100 EC 1ml/l

Malathion 50 EC 2 ml/l

Dimethoate 30 EC 1 ml/l

Carbaryl 50 WP 4 g/l

two rounds at 2 weeks interval before ripening of fruits

Prepare bait with methyl eugenol 1% solution mixed with malathion 0.1%.

Take 10 ml of this mixture per trap and keep them in 25 different places in one hectare

Spray 0.1% malathion 50 EC at 1ml/lit

Field release of natural enemies Opius compensates and Spalangia philippines

Tailed mealy bug

Symptoms of damage

Adults and crawlers are found on leaves, young shoots and fruit (between segments)

Yellowing of leaves

Reduction of fruit size and do not fetch premium price in the market

Identification of pest

Nymph: Yellowish to pale white

Adult: Females apterous, long, slender covered with white waxy secretions


Collect and destroy the mealy bug infested leaves, shoots and fruits

Spray dichlorvos 0.05%, two times at new flush and shoot formation and second at fruit set.

Release Cryptolaemous montrouzieri beetles @ 10/tree

Adult - mealy bug